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Your wedding day should be picture-perfect, and at EsthetixMD, we’re dedicated to ensuring you look and feel your confident best from every angle. Exciting news for brides, grooms, mothers-of-the-bride, future mothers-in-law, and the entire wedding party! Discover our top bridal treatments designed just for you.

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Wedding Preparatory Treatment Guide

We can customize your beauty regimen to address your concerns, tailoring your treatments to your lifestyle and comfort levels. Below are just a few of the many cosmetic solutions we offer at EsthetixMD.

Skincare Routine

3 – 6 months before wedding day

A medical-grade skincare routine can deliver wow results! While with some medical-grade products, you can begin to see improvements in just 2-4 weeks of use, ‘wow” results from skincare take time.

EMD Pro Tip: Never begin a brand new skincare product right before the big day! The month before your wedding, use tried and true products that you know work for you. We don’t want to risk any product reactions. This goes hand-in-hand with not overdoing your exfoliants or retinol, you may even want to stop retinol/exfoliants the week of the wedding. Your skin should be calm and glowing! It’s never too early or too late to start making your skin a priority, ask a professional how.

DiamondGlow / HydraFacial / Dermaplaning

1 – 8 weeks before wedding day

A day without blemish! These medical facials are well-known and loved by brides for gentle cleaning, exfoliating, brightening, smoothing texture/fine lines, and hydrating the skin. These facials are wonderful for your skin leading up to the big day, and can be done within 1 week of the wedding to make sure you glow!

EMD Pro Tip: The best foundation for your makeup is beautiful skin. Contact our office to receive an Observ Skin Analysis with an Advanced Esthetician. They will help you see what is going on underneath the surface of your skin, make a plan of action, and take photos to measure your progress. Make sure to schedule your consultation as soon as you can, but at least 4 months prior to the wedding.

Laser Hair Removal

6 – 12 months before wedding day

Ditch the razor before you get hitched! Not having to worry about stubble or packing a razor on your honeymoon is at the top of many brides’ wishlists. Treatments are scheduled every 4-6 weeks and you’ll need multiple sessions to see results.

EMD Pro Tip: Schedule a consultation to get a test spot treated and make sure you’re an ideal candidate. We use multiple lasers for hair removal, and our CAEs will evaluate your skin and hair to select the optimum laser for you.


6 – 12 months before wedding day

A wedding without a wrinkle! Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are all FDA-approved neuromodulators. They work by relaxing the muscle, which in turn smooths the fine lines and wrinkles you see around the eyes and forehead. Book a consultation to discuss  which is best for you*.

*your provider will discuss your budget, treatment considerations, and goals.

EMD Pro Tip: While Botox is ideally done 4 weeks before the wedding, it’s actually important that you know and trust your provider. If you’ve never seen your provider for Botox before, you should get treatment 5-6 months before the wedding just to see how you respond to the first treatment. Then, if anything needs to be adjusted in dose, we know in advance before the wedding and know exactly how to treat you on the second visit. We also see greater improvement over time when getting botox, which means results are better the more often/regularly you do it. So if you want to start a year before the wedding, you do you.

Lip Enhancement

8 – 12 weeks before wedding day

You may now kiss the bride! Treat your lips to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, and hydrate or plump. Our providers can help you choose from a variety of lip fillers to find the best option for you.

EMD Pro Tip: From subtle to va-va-voom, we can take your lips to their most kissable, while still looking natural. Any potential side effects and bruising usually resolve within 2 weeks. If you want fuller lips, we build upon them slowly with multiple treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.

Dermal Filler

3 – 6 months before wedding day

Lip fillers are a popular choice for enhancing the smile and reversing depletion and vertical lip lines. But Full Face Rejuvenation has become increasingly popular to enhance the cheeks, chin and jawline, giving you a youthful and rested glow or enhancing all of your features.

EMD Pro Tip: It is very important that you start any injections 6 months to a year prior to the wedding. Discuss a plan with your provider to slowly rejuvenate, and ensure there are no side effects too close to the wedding day. Many dermal fillers last for 1-2 years, so you won’t need to worry that it will wear off too soon.

Skin Tightening

6 – 9 months before wedding day

The loss of collagen affects the way you look and feel. The first signs may be subtle. However, the earlier you start, the more you can do to replenish the collagen in your skin to see positive results. We have a variety of non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures to address collagen loss and skin laxity from head to toe.

EMD Pro Tip: Did you know it takes 3 months for new collagen to form after a single procedure? To build back the collagen we’ve lost, and tighten the skin a series of treatments is usually recommended. The spacing of treatments depends on the type of treatment recommended. If you are not a candidate for non-invasive skin tightening and want to discuss surgical options, schedule a consultation with our Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Reverse Skin Damamge

4 – 6 months before wedding day

The Bridal Glow! Every day your skin is exposed to damage from sun, pollution, lifestyle and normal aging. If you feel like your skin is dull, tired or lackluster; you’re concerned about wrinkles and pigment, then a laser treatment might be perfect. Lasers and Laser Skin Resurfacing are wonderful to reverse pigment, reduce wrinkles, scars, roughness, pores, discoloration, and more!

EMD Pro Tip: Laser treatments can vary drastically from no-downtime to having 1-2 weeks of social downtime. While some lasers can treat multiple concerns, they usually treat one or two things (Like sun spots, or texture, or redness) better than others. Results can also be seen starting within a few weeks, or over a few months. While laser treatment can be done within a month or two of your wedding, most need a series over the course of several months. You will want to get a plan made in advance to review your skin goals and make sure you get the right laser treatments for the results you desire.

Acne Scar Removal / Reduction

3 – 12 months before wedding day 

Acne scars (or any scar) can be emotional and bothersome. After dealing with acne, you now have a long-term reminder. We have multiple treatments to address different types of scars and how they appear. Our providers will guide you on the best solutions.

EMD Pro Tip: With many acne scar treatments you’ll be free of any side effects or bruising within 2 weeks. Some treatments are necessarily more invasive and have more recovery time. Every individual and scar is unique and may need to be treated differently, however, most require multiple treatments. You’ll want to have a consultation far enough in advance to discuss your individual treatment needs and plan your treatment timeline.

Body Sculpting

4 – 6 months before wedding day

Feeling confident and comfortable in your dress on your wedding day is everything. You shouldn’t worry about choosing a dress to camouflage your least favorite area. A multitude of FDA-Approved, non-invasive procedures to reduce stubborn areas of fat, and tone the body are at our fingertips. Sleeveless, Fitted, Backless…you’ll feel lovely in any dress you choose.

EMD Pro Tip: With non-invasive procedures, we work with your body’s natural processes to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, and tone up muscle. It’s not weight loss, it’s contouring and enhancing areas that your diet and exercise can’t seem to improve. We encourage maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan. You may need more than one treatment and it takes 3-4 months after your last procedure to see full results.

Laser Tattoo Removal

12+ months before wedding day

You should be comfortable baring your skin in the dress of your dreams. Luckily, if a regretted tattoo is in the way of that, it can be removed (or reduced), and the pico laser technology is the newest and best option for tattoo removal.

EMD Pro Tip: You probably didn’t realize that the laser works with your body to clear the tattoo. Your body removes the ink…not the laser. The laser breaks up the ink into small enough particles for your body to remove. The healthier you are, the faster it works. Treatments are done every 8-12 weeks. If you need 6 sessions, that would take at least a year to treat.

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