• EltaMD Skin Recovery System


      Breakouts and sensitivities aren’t just irritating, they’re your skin’s way of asking for help. The Skin Recovery System goes beyond the surface to help repair and renew the skin’s natural barrier. Powered by patented AAComplex technology, this 4-step system is shown to visibly reduce redness and increase hydration in 24 hours after just one use and help repair and strengthen damaged skin barrier. Dermatologist-tested and designed for sensitive and acne-prone skin, it’s the skincare breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

      For your most radiant results, we recommend using all four steps daily. Toner, serum, and moisturizer should be applied morning and night. Apply the mask nightly as the last step of your regimen.

      Step 1. EltaMD Skin Recovery Essence Toner – 7.3 fl oz

        • A refreshing alcohol-free toner that helps detox skin while keeping it hydrated
        • Contains malachite extract which removes impurities, protects against aggressors, and gives this dye-free toner
          its natural pale blue color
        • Delivers essential nutrients and improves the skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture
        • SKU: 07751

      Step 2. EltaMD Skin Recovery Serum – 1.0 fl oz

        • The most restorative product in the system, with twice the concentration of AAComplex*
        •  Contains Cica (Tigergrass extract) to calm inflammation and improve skin barrier function
        • Shown to visibly reduce redness in 24 hours after just one use
        • SKU: 07756

      Step 3. EltaMD Skin Recovery Light Moisturizer – 1.7 fl oz

        • Soothing hydration that feels weightless on skin
        • Contains Squalane, a plant-derived ingredient that protects against moisture loss to keep skin supple
        • Non-greasy and effortlessly wearable
        • SKU: 07762

      Step 4. EltaMD Skin Recovery Night Mask – 1.7 fl oz

        • Nighttime mask that visibly reduces the appearance of redness, improves hydration, and revitalizes the look of tired skin
        • Helps to defend the skin from the visible effects of lack of sleep
        • Helps to repair a damaged skin barrier, calm skin, and helps minimize the risk of irritation
        • SKU: 07763
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      SkinMedica Beauty Haul System


      Transformed Skin. Visible Results.

      To kickstart your skin transformation, we’ve included (2) Hydrating DiamondGlow facials to this ultimate skincare ‘Beauty Haul’. This professional-grade, comprehensive collection of daily must-haves promotes more youthful-looking skin. It was curated to last you 90 days, which is the optimal time during which you can start to see transformational results. The system also includes the only growth factor product proven to address sagging skin. We’ve also gifted you with a mini method gift set which are the perfect two-week supply travel sizes.

      System includes:

      • (2) Ultra Hydrating DiamondGlow Facials
      • (2) TNS® Advanced+ Serum (90 day supply)
      • Lumivive System – Day Damage Defense Serum/Night Revitalize Repair Complex (90 day supply)
      • HA⁵® Rejuvenating Hydrator (90 day supply)
      • Retinol Complex .25% (90 day supply)
      • Essential Defense Mineral Shield™ Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Sunscreen (60-90 day supply)
      • Mini Method Gift Set
    • SkinMedica Minimalist Beauty System


      “This essential duo of SkinMedica® products targets the appearance of skin aging, and hydration. It’s perfect for the ‘Minimalist Beauty’ who wants a simple but effective routine. The system includes the only growth factor serum proven to address sagging skin. It also contains a mini method gift set so you can try some other best sellers to round out your skincare regimen.

      System includes:
      (2) TNS® Advanced+ Serum (90 day supply)
      (1) HA⁵® Rejuvenating Hydrator (1 Oz. – 45 day supply)
      (1) Your Mini Method Gift Set”

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      SkinMedica Bright Beauty System


      Hyperpigmentation is one of the largest skincare concerns for many patients. This Even & Correct System helps to target a broad spectrum of unwanted hyperpigmentation conditions, leaving skin visibly brighter and with a more even skin tone.

      To kickstart your at-home skincare regimen you’ll receive a DiamondGlow facial utilizing SkinMedica’s Even & Correct serum to get instantly smoother and brighter skin. DiamondGlow gives significant results in reducing surface hyperpigmentation and helps your products work more effectively.

      With daily use, your at-home skincare system should last 60-90 days. SkinMedica is backed by science and clinical studies for proven results. The Even & Correct system has been shown to be just as effective as prescription hydroquinone in a clinical 12-week study.

      System includes:

      • Even & Correct DiamondGlow Facial (in-office treatment)
      • Even & Correct Advanced Brightening Treatment Serum (Net Wt. 2 Oz.)
      • Even & Correct Dark Spot Cream (Net Wt. 0.5 Oz.)
      • Even & Correct Brightening Treatment Pads (Net Wt. 60 pads)
      • Your Mini Method Gift Set (Gift With Purchase)
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      Jane Iredale Limited Edition Finishing Touches Face Palette


      A limited edition, 6-shade face palette that adds a festive finishing touch to any holiday look. Custom blend the matte bronzer, shimmery highlighter and glowing blush for a radiant look that’s uniquely you.
      – Two matte bronzers for customized contouring and bronzing.
      – Two glowing highlighters to bring light to the face.
      – Two blushes to brighten any complexion.
      – Travel-friendly mirrored palette.
      – Vegan and wheat free.
      – May be used on cheeks, eyes & lips.

      soft caramel bronze/latte bronze
      champagne sheen/golden peach sheen
      golden soft coral/golden dusty rose

    • Save My Face Pillow


      “Save My Face”® Pillow gently ELEVATES and SUSPENDS your face over the sleep surface allowing you to rest comfortably, removing harmful pressure on facial tissues and muscles. The La Petite Satin Champagne Pillow is the most popular Save My Face Pillow! It measures 20″ x 10″ x 3” thick and can be folded in half for neck support.

      Included is the 100% cotton pillow body, a custom satin removable case in champagne color and a reusable clear vinyl travel bag! The pillow body and case are easy care machine wash and dry! Made in the USA.

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      Jane Iredale Finishing Touches Makeup Kit


      A perfectly giftable, limited edition clean makeup kit designed to add a glamorous finishing touch to skin, lips, and lashes.

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      Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup System


      Our signature, three-step foundation system for nourishing, lasting coverage that looks and feels like skin. Prep for a smooth canvas. Perfect with natural-looking coverage. Set for all-day wear. Simply select your PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation Refill shade to reveal your best skin. Just 3 easy steps.

      1 prep
      Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer
      -Smooths texture & blurs imperfections.
      -Brightens dullness.
      -Extends makeup wear.

      2 perfect
      PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation SPF 20/15
      -Breathable, buildable coverage.
      -Line-blurring, semi-matte finish.
      -SPF and antioxidant protection.
      -Pairs with The Handi Brush and Refillable Compact (included).

      3 set
      Hydration Spray
      -Boosts hydration.
      -Enhances transfer-resistance.
      -Sets powder for a natural, skin-like finish.

      We offer FREE color-match appointments to find your perfect shade!

    • Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar 1oz


      Helps strengthen skin ahead of cosmetic treatments, enhances treatment outcomes and reduces recovery time. Designed to complement skin-rejuvenating procedures (e.g., laser, microneedling, IPL).

      – Enhances cosmetic treatment results.
      – Calms post-procedure skin and helps reduce recovery time with Arnica, Phytoene, Phytofluene, and Narigenin with Panthenyl Triacetate.
      – Helps strengthen skin ahead of cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of smoother, brighter, more youthful-looking skin afterward.
      – Water-free, preservative-free, and bacteriostatic formulation.
      – Includes TriHex Technology® to support the production of new, healthy elastin and collagen.
      – Winner of SHAPE “Best Healing Skin Treatment” 2021 Award.

    • AHA/BHA Cream


      Exfoliates and improves the appearance of skin tone and texture revealing brighter skin.

      Key Benefits:
      – Exfoliates skin
      – Reveals a more youthful appearance
      – Enhances skin tone and texture

      Key Ingredients:
      Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Salicylic Acid

    • AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser


      This elegantly formulated exfoliating cleanser gently scrubs away dead skin, improving the appearance of skin tone and texture.

      Key Benefits:
      – Improves appearance of skin texture, tone, and smoothness
      – Thoroughly cleanses and gently exfoliates skin

    • Alastin INhance Post Injection Serum


      Designed to complement injectable treatments like dermal fillers; formulated with ChromaFADE Technology™ to help improve the appearance of skin post-injection.

      – Improves skin hydration and plumpness.
      – Cooling applicator tip provides a soothing effect during treatment application.
      – Includes TriHex Technology® to support the production of new, healthy elastin and collagen.
      – Winner of New Beauty 2020 “”Best Post-Injection Treatment”” award.

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