• Kybella – Chin Reduction


      Save up to $1000 in savings with KYBELLA®!

      KYBELLA® involves a series of injections under the chin area, targeting fat cells and offering gradual results. Your physician will customize the treatment to suit your unique chin profile and goals.

      KYBELLA® sessions occur at least 1 month apart, and typically not more than 6 sessions. In clinical studies, 59% of patients received 6 treatments. Each session may require 2-5 vials of Kybella with multiple injection sites, depending on your submental fullness and desired outcomes.

      EMD TIP: We recommend scheduling a consultation with our Aesthetic Experts to design a treatment plan tailored to meet your goals. All injectables will be coordinated with one of our Doctors or Nurse Practitioners, either virtually or in person, before your initial appointment at EMD for an examination.

      Offer is available with participating providers: NP, RN, or LPN

      Before and After

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